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The Rich History That New Haven Connecticut Has To Offer.

New Haven, Connecticut has a lot to offer. You can stop at the Museum of the New Haven Colony Settlement. The museum gives a historical look at the city of New Haven. Some of the most popular personalities from New Haven include Noah Webster, Charles Goodyear, and Eli Whitney.

Some of the inventions that were founded in this city include fish hooks, the corkscrew, lollipop, Steamboat etc. One of the rooms in the museum is devoted to Joseph Cinque the leader of the Amistad Mutiny. The history of their ordeals is told in documents, paintings and other displays.

The second Amistad trial took place in the State House which was torn down after the new one was built in Hartford in the1870s. The old jail where the Africans were kept during their trials is also gone...

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