Places You Should See When You Visit New Haven Connecticut

A trip to Connecticut might not be a bad idea, especially during the spring time. It’s where you can really get to experience the beautiful countryside, and even had down to Long Island Sound. Right next to the water is a city called New Haven. It is a place that is known for Yale University. Aside from that, you will be able to see many different museums, art collections, and get to try out the different types of food that are available in the area. The following activities are things that you should do once you get to New Haven Connecticut, one of the nicest cities in the state that you should visit.

What Is New Haven Known For?

This city is known for a couple different things. First and foremost is Yale University. The second is how old the city is with this beautiful architecture, especially everything that you will see on Chapel Street. You can also head into Little Italy, and also the New Haven Railroad center. There are other places you should visit which should begin with a Museum where you can see musical instruments.

Yale Collection Of Musical Instruments

The Yale collection of musical instruments is a first-rate collection, one that has vintage instruments from ages ago. You will get to see pianos, organs, harpsichords, and even woodwinds that are extremely old. If you are a person that enjoys music, or if you are a collector of musical instruments, this is a unique collection that you simply cannot pass up. After visiting their, this museum, it’s time to head over to another one which is actually quite famous.

Knights Of Columbus Museum

This museum is very unique because of the exhibits that they have available. There is information on World War I, poets that soldiers had made, and will give you a basic overview of religions in the area. It’s a very nice display, one that you should see while you are visiting New Haven Connecticut. After that, you can choose to go get something to eat, or go down by the water to just relax and experience the beautiful weather in New Haven.

Other places you can go include the Grove Street Cemetery, the Shubert Theater, and also the Long Wharf Theatre if you want to. All of these are available for the public, many of which do not have any cost of admission, making this one of the least expensive vacations that you will ever take to enrich your minds about cities on the East Coast.