Three Places To Visit In New Haven Connecticut

If you are going to be in the New York area, perhaps visiting Long Island, you may as well had North, going to the east, up into Connecticut. This is a tiny state, one that is not much longer than Long Island itself. There are beautiful cities like Middletown, New London and Manchester. If you head South toward Long Island Sound, you will eventually come to New Haven Connecticut. This is a place that is most well-known for Yale University, the second most procedures school in the United States. There are many activities that you can do there, three of which are presented here for you to consider if you decide to take a trip to Connecticut.

Yale Center For British Art

As the name would suggest, this is part of Yale University. It is going to display British art. If you are a person that enjoys a world-class museum, with paintings that need back all the way to the 1500s, this is going to be the place for you. You will likely be able to spend several hours there, complete be mesmerized by the artwork that you will see. Once you are done, you might want to take a trip over to a park where you can do a little bit of relaxing.

East Rock Park

This is a place that is best experienced during the spring and fall. In the fall, the leaves are changing colors, and in the spring, it’s not too hot yet. Connecticut is known for having quite a bit of snow during the winter, as well as snow that will develop because of its proximity to the water. However, if you go during those two times, you are going to really enjoy this beautiful park where you can have a lot of fun enjoying the scenery or just walking around.

Yale University Art Gallery

Similar to the other art gallery, you are going to see many different types of paintings, those that are not necessarily of British origin. They have recently renovated, making this one of the nicer museums on the East Coast. You will get to see quite a bit of work from masterful painters, and the crowds are going to be very small. By comparison to museums for art that you will go to a New York City or Boston, this one will help you relax and simply enjoy the artwork that is there.

Traveling to New Haven Connecticut is typically a trip that you take if you want to learn about culture. It is one of the nicest cities in Connecticut, and if you have never seen Yale University before, it is a sight to behold. At the very least, go down to the water to relax and watch the beautiful Long Island sound. Once you’ve done that, you will have no problem at all feeling that you have had a wonderful trip in the state of Connecticut.